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Curious about the origins of our Windows software?  Here is a short history of how Track: Flexible Inventory (TrackFI) came about:

TrackFI began in 1986 as a group of Inventory Tracking, Litigation Support and Medical Billing programs.  The original DOS inventory product was named RetailFLEX and interfaced to many POS systems including Omron Cash Registers.  In 1993 Omron signed an exclusive agreement making RetailFLEX the only authorized back-office inventory system available for Omron Cash Registers.  Omronís OEM version of RetailFLEX was named BackPACK.  Between RetailFLEX and BackPACK nearly 1,000 sites were installed all over the U.S., in Japan and in the Caribbean.  With the demise of Omron and the dwindling demand for DOS based products, a new product and a new POS Cash register were needed.  In 2001 the DOS based RetailFLEX was completely rewritten from the ground up in a fifth generation language to provide for the ease of operation typified by Windows based products.  TrackFI was born.  In 2002 a search for a POS system was underway when Keystone Cash Register in Pennsylvania contacted us to inquire if we had an interface for Datasym and COMM2000.  A COMM2000 interface was developed, tested and implemented with TrackFI.  Today TrackFI is full featured, easy to use Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP based inventory software that can be used at the store level as well as at the Home Office.  One large company using TrackFI with corporate data exchange is Libbey Factory Outlets.  They are using TrackFI at their home office and all of their outlet stores nationwide.

TrackFI is a complete Retail Back Office Management software application that combines inventory control, purchasing, receiving and item tracking with extensive merchandise reporting, promo price maintenance, corporate data exchange, hand-held terminal support and label printing.  It is a system that can be used at the store level as well as at the Home Office and is used in a variety of General Merchandise vertical markets including Specialty Stores, Liquor Stores and Variety Stores.  Our software uniquely combines the sophisticated tools needed to simply and affordably control a growing retail enterprise.  As businesses expand, so does the need for software tools normally found in larger department and mass merchandising organizations.  With TrackFI you have stock-status data, item movement reporting, sales/margin analysis and other essential features that larger organizations implement with their MIS staff and generous budgets.

TrackFI may be downloaded here: at no cost.  The downloadable version is excellent as demo software since it is fully functional and is only limited by the maximum number of inventory records that can be saved.  If you have any questions, please donít hesitate to contact us for more information.

The newest addition to the Track lineup is TrackPL: Paperless Office. A complete document management system with easy drag-and-drop file tracking and powerful database driven location lookup. Complete file association capability and one-button viewing are just some of the convenient features of TrackPL.

Visit our download page to download TrackPL as part of our new consolidated demo download:




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