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"I like TrackFI, but I don't sell Datasym, NCR or Omron cash register systems."  If you like TrackFI and you would like to add it to your product line, we will write an interface for your favorite cash register system at no cost to you.  Just give us about three days and you will be ready to start enjoying the benefits of TrackFI.

   Key Benefits



Track: Flexible Inventory (TrackFI) is a complete Retail Back Office Management System that can be used at the store level as well as at the Home Office.  TrackFI is a PC-based software application that combines inventory control, purchasing, receiving and item tracking with extensive merchandise reporting. TrackFI is used in a variety of General Merchandise vertical markets including Specialty stores, Liquor stores and Variety Stores.  TrackFI supports several cash register systems including Datasym, NCR and Omron.  TrackFI can also be used with PC-based point-of-sale systems.   Retail pricing varies by configuration.



A System That Grows With You

TrackFI Merchandise Control software uniquely combines the sophisticated tools you need to simply and affordably control your growing retail enterprise.

As your business expands, so does your need for software tools normally found in larger department and mass merchandising organizations.

TrackFI provides the stock-status data, item movement reporting, sales/margin analysis, purchase order control, price management, label printing and other essential features that larger organizations implement with their MIS staff and generous budgets.

Whether it's back room or central office control you're looking for, TrackFI will help you master your operational and organizational challenges.



Merchandising Power 

For single store and large multi-store chains, TrackFI has the power to give you up-to-date intelligence on what your customers are buying, where they are buying it and where your inventory dollars are invested.  Daily flash reports of store sales are just the beginning.  Merchandise orders can be generated based on stock levels, to show what has been ordered, by vendor and store location.  Prices for promotions are immediately put into effect at POS terminals on the first day of the sale.  Store and warehouse transfers are tracked with serialized packing lists.


Easy to Learn and Use!

Though powerful and feature-rich, TrackFI is designed for use by staff with only limited computer experience.  On-line Help is available with the touch of the key.  A simple Point and Shoot interface guides the operator to the right menu selection.  "On the Fly" maintenance of system codes allows users to hold their place in one screen while adding codes in another.  TrackFI's Autopilot feature reduces End of Day processing to a few simple keystrokes.  All of this is backed by a comprehensive User Guide and Help Desk staff ready to assist with any question that arises.




Simply put, TrackFI provides functionality normally associated with expensive, mini computer-based software at an affordable PC software price.




TrackFI's ability to grow with your business is its superior, inherent selling point.  TrackFI will also grow from a single PC to multi-user PC network application.  With a simple upgrade, you can move from one to five workstations initially, and then add more as the need arises.  Your programs and data files move with you without requiring painful data file conversions so common with other systems.  Because it is written in a powerful 5GL (5th Generation Language) with a heritage in large systems, your system databases can grow to very large sizes and still be managed by the same software. No need to throw the system out and start over as you grow!


bullet Customization

If there is a feature that you would like to add to TrackFI, we provide complete custom solutions at affordable prices.



TrackFI meets the needs of a growing retail business with a powerful set of merchandising tools at a price you can afford.  It's easy to use technology that conforms to industry standards.  TrackFI is a system that you'll grow with rather than out of.



System Requirements

PC/CPU                        Pentium III 450 or higher

Windows                      98/98se/Me/NT/2000/XP

PC/Hard Disk                8Gb Minimum

PC/RAM                       Minimum 128MB                       

PC/Serial Ports            Minimum 1                               

PC/Parallel Port           Minimum 1

Printer                         Standard Windows Interface or TrackFI Direct Print                      

Network Interface        As supported by Network Software Providers




If you are interested in trying out all of TrackFI's features, download our fully functional demo and see for yourself just how powerful and easy to use TrackFI can be for you.

To run the demo version please enter demo as the password.

TrackFI Demo   TrackFI Brochure  TrackFI DOS/Win comparison

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